Email to SMS Gateway List

Send SMS text messages from Email

How do I Send a text message from email?

Textsendr is great for sending texts on the go, but how can you integrate similar features into your website? Did you know that most cell phone providers have their own free email gateways? If you know the right address you can simply send an email and the cell phone company will turn it into a text message.

Thanks to textsendr you don't have to remember these gateways - you can always just use our service to send a text message with no hassle - but in case you need them, here they are:

List of SMS Email Gateways:

Cell ProviderEmail Address
ACS Alaska[phone number]
Alltel[phone number]
Ameritech[phone number]
Arch[phone number]
AT&T[phone number]
Bell Canada[phone number]
Blue Sky Frog[phone number]
Boost[phone number]
Carolina West[phone number]
Cellular One[phone number]
Cellular South[phone number]
Cincinnati Bell[phone number]
Cingular[phone number]
Cingular Blue[phone number]
Claro[phone number]
Comviq[phone number]
Cricket[phone number]
Edge[phone number]
Einstein PCS[phone number]
Fido[phone number]
Immix[phone number]
Metro PCS[phone number]
Mobile One[phone number]
MTN Africa[phone number]
Nextel[phone number]
Ntelos[phone number]
Optus[phone number]
Orange[phone number]
Orange Poland[phone number]
Plus Poland[phone number]
Qwest[phone number]
Rogers[phone number]
Sasktel[phone number]
Smart[phone number]
Smart Telecom[phone number]
Southern Linc[phone number]
Sprint[phone number]
SunCom[phone number]
Sure West[phone number]
SwissCom[phone number]
T Mobile[phone number]
T Mobile (Ger)[phone number]
T Mobile UK[phone number]
TBayTel[phone number]
Telenor[phone number]
Telus[phone number]
Tim[phone number]
Unicel[phone number]
V Mobile CA[phone number]
Verizon[phone number]
Virgin Mobile[phone number]
Vodacom Africa[phone number]
Vodafone[phone number]
Vodafone Italy[phone number]
WellCom[phone number]