Frequently Asked Questions

About Textsendr

  • What Is TextSendr?
    TextSendr is free text messaging. Whether you're tired of paying to send text messages, or simply hate typing on that tiny phone keypad TextSendr is your solution. Quite simply, TextSendr allows you to send a free text message from your computer to most cell phones.

  • Is it Really Free?
    Yes! We make money off of the ads on our site, so we don't need to charge senders or recipients for any messages. All text messages sent on TextSendr are treated as if they came from a cell phone - so that means the recipient must have text messages in their plan and not be over their limit. You'll have to check with your cell phone provider or carrier about their standard text messaging rates, but we certainly don't charge anything.

  • What's That "Trnsl8" Button Do?
    The Trnsl8 button is a feature that only Textsendr can offer. We know that it can be hard to fit everything you want into a text message, so we've partnered with slang dictionary - the web's best internet slang dictionary - to offer a translation service for our users. The Trnsl8 button makes it easy for you to shorten your messages or just learn some new slang.

  • Can I Trust You With My Email or Phone Number?
    Yes you can! We won't sell or share any of your information. In fact, we don't store any emails, text messages, or phone numbers entered into our system - so we couldn't even if we wanted to. In addition, you'll never receive a text message from the site that wasn't sent by a user. It's all stated pretty clearly in our privacy policy.

  • Who Sent My Message?
    Users of TextSendr aren't required to register to use our service, and we don't keep logs of messages - so unless they included their name or email address in your text message, we really have no idea who sent your message. We can assure you however that the system doesn't send automated messages. If you got a text, it was sent by another person who knew your phone number.

  • How Can I Stop Getting Messages?
    If you're getting messages from TextSendr, it means that somebody who already knows your number sent it. If you're getting nasty or unwanted messages, they're probably coming from somebody you know. You can block your phone number from TextSendr by using our opt-out form however your best bet is to change your cell phone number or be more careful with who you give it to. There's literally (we've counted) thousands of other sites like Textsendr, so blocking your number on here will only stop somebody from using this site.

  • Help, Somebody sent me something I don't like
    We're sorry you received a message you didn't like, but please remember that we didn't send it - a physical person using our site did. Unfortunately, we don't know who that person is. There's a good chance you know more about the sender from the message than we do from the IP. To help you out though, we append the IP address of the sender to each text. Most of the time, the sender is somebody you know (they have your phone number and provider) so please don't call/email/harass this site. Beyond providing the IP in the email, there isn't much else we can do to help. If you wish to block your number from Texsendr, you can do so with our opt-out form

  • What if I Send Death Threats Or Spam?
    Theoretically, there's nothing stopping you from doing so - other than the fact that it's illegal and eventually the person is going to figure out who's doing it. It's probably best to re-think that idea instead. Let's be honest, there isn't anything more productive you could be doing with your time? With that said, we will take measures against anybody using our system to send spam. That includes attempts to automate TextSendr into other applications. We believe textsendr is a pretty useful tool, don't ruin that for others by being an asshat.

  • Can I Email You?
    No, sorry.

  • How Can I Send A Text With Email? uses email to send text messages - that's how we can keep it free! Most providers offer email to text services on their own - you just have to know the proper email addresses. Textsendr saves you time by doing it all for you, but if you still want to send your own text as an email we've compiled a list of sms email addresses for you.